Who Be Engaged are…

We were founded in 2016 with one goal. To inspire and create growth by creating ways to engage. We believe in creating a relationship with customers and clients. We are technology and business savvy designers and marketers.

We are not just the same old marketing company. We are the experts in engagement.

But most of all we are a team who have a passion creating, engaging and inspiring growths from within businesses

We achieve successful results by being innovative and analytical thinkers. Our mindset is about the journey that the customers and clients go through and then how can they be engaged during this process to increase growth. We answer the questions, how can the customers and clients get a richer experience and how can the business benefit from this

The Be Engaged Process


We achieve successful results by having a three stage process. This process gives you a way for your idea to truly shine


The first stage you go through with us is a consultation process. This is where your project is fleshed out. This means that our mindset and yours are on the objectives you want to achieve. We open up all the opportunities you have at your disposal and give you an experts opinion on where you can inspire to grow. We provide advice through the whole process on key expenses so you are kept relative close within your budget. At the end of this process, you are ready to begin your project with an inspiring plan, strong metrics to measure your objectives and a fleshed out budget.


If you choose to continue working with Be Engaged then your project is set into motion. We get everything that is involved in your project and we start to build it. Such as designing up wireframes, getting all the images and information needed, hosting and domain together and then putting it together to form a new website.

We keep you involved through the whole process, taking down all and any information that is relevant.


The final stage is where WE REALLY SHINE. We launch your project and we DON’T just leave you standing there. We help you through providing aftercare, this is done in many ways. Whether it is a quick update of content on an ebrochure or asking a question about your website. WE. ARE. HERE. to help ensure you succeed.

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